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Kids Karate To Boost Fitness & Teach Life Skills

Everyone has heard that martial arts can change lives. Here at East West Karate of London & Kids Karate, KY, we know that it's absolutely true. Our professional martial arts instructors have worked with thousands of kids. They've seen how karate benefits kids physically, mentally and emotionally. Everyone wants their children to be fit and prepared for life. You can give your child the gift of physical fitness and emotional health by enrolling him or her in a class at East West Karate of London & Kids Karate, KY.

Combining Play & Serious Training That Kids Can Love

Here at East West Karate of London & Kids Karate, KY, our children's karate program is perfect for your child. We offer classes that cater to boys and girls as young as three years old. Whether or not your child has previous experience with martial arts doesn't matter. We have the perfect program for your child's knowledge and skill level. Our caring, professional staff is dedicated to the fitness and well being of every child. We work hard to help all students develop their martial arts skills, increase their fitness level and learn valuable self defense.

First and foremost, we help all of our students develop valuable life skills. We understand that kids like to have fun while learning. All of our classes are exciting and packed with action. In addition to providing comprehensive martial arts training, our classes also offer comprehensive physical fitness training. All of our classes feature:

  • Conditioning and stretching
  • Both aerobic and anaerobic elements
  • Practical self-defense skills that can be used in the real world
  • Life skills training
  • ...FUN!

Imagine The Possibilities...

Just imagine how much your child will benefit from developing rock-solid self-confidence. He or she will be able to resist peer pressure and stand up to bullies. Your child will become the respectful, honest person you know he or she can become.

Just imagine how great it will be to see your child enjoying complete physical fitness and optimal health. Good exercise and increasing self-respect can also help your child succeed in school. At East West Karate of London & Kids Karate, KY, we know that being fit can help kids bring up their grades and open doors that lead to a successful future. We enjoy watching kids succeed every day and know that you will love watching your child succeed too.

Age Appropriate Instruction To Ensure Success

Being placed in a class that is either too easy or too hard can be discouraging for anyone, especially a child. Here at East West Karate of London & Kids Karate, KY, we divide our classes by both age and experience level to ensure that your child can succeed. We believe that placing a student in a class designed for his or her experience level and age increases the pace of learning, keeps students safe and allows students to have fun.

A Fantastic Staff Your Whole Family Will Love

We love our staff and we're sure that you will too. Every staff member at East West Karate of London & Kids Karate, KY has been professionally trained to provide excellent martial arts instruction. Our staff is comprised of professional martial artists and educators who are passionate about helping kids grow and achieve their goals. You can rest assured knowing that every class is taught in a safe, professional manner. We provide the secure environment your child needs in order to learn and to grow.

Make The Right Decision For Your Child, Right Now

You know that comprehensive martial arts training at East West Karate of London & Kids Karate, KY might be the best gift that you can give to your child. It doesn't matter if your child wants to become a black belt or have fun getting in shape, or if you want your child to develop a stronger character or learn self-defense skills. At East West Karate of London & Kids Karate, KY, we have the right class for your child, right now.

We are excited to watch your child learn and grow. Call us right now at 606-877-7766 to take advantage of our free trial program. This great opportunity allows you to be sure that this is the right school for your child -- you've got nothing to lose!


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